Mysterious Fortune Card Gamble – WoW Inscription

As an Inscriptionist in World of Warcraft, I will spend around 5,000 gold and then attempt to make more than that. This will be done by buying a lot of Herbs off of the Auction House, milling them, and then turning them into Mysterious Fortune Card. Depending on my luck, flipping a Mysterious Fortune Card will either get me a 20, 200, 1000, or even a 5000 gold card. So the goal here is to try to get one or more 5,000 gold card from flipping Mysterious Fortune Cards, which is a very low chance rate. In the end, will it be worth it? Let’s find out together.

Building a Website with PHP for Beginners

To better understand PHP, download and install a free program like XAMPP. We’ll need a program like XAMPP to help open a PHP website on a computer for our web browser. Here’s a guide on it, go here.

If you have not already learn HTML, then it can be difficult to start learning how to build a website using PHP codes. Otherwise, it won’t be difficult to learn PHP at all if you already understand the basics of HTML. Once you’ve figure out how PHP works, you’ll find it extremely useful that you’ll also want to use it over and over again for web developement.


Installing and Running XAMPP

What is XAMPP:
Most today web browsers are able to open and run html websites from a computer just fine. Because of this, anyone can build and test an html website on their computer, before making it public online for everyone to see. However, for php websites, most web browsers are not able to run them from a computer without the help of web servers. This is a problem for those who wants to privately build and test a php website on their computer, before making it public online. Thankfully, there is XAMPP.



This post is a look at and a review of the 000webhost’s free web hosting service. If you are someone who has already bought or owned a domain name and are looking for a free web host to start a website with, then feel free check out 000webhost. They offer free and paid web hosting service.




What is Hostgator? Hostgator is a web hosting company and they are currently hosting over 9 million website. If you are someone who is looking for a web host to start a website with and already have a domain name, then check out Hostgator.

The first step into starting a website is to get a domain name. The second and final step is to look for a web host. Looking for a web host is like looking for a place to rent for a website. Hostgator is one of the many web host provider. They have a wide variety of package to choose from. You can always start out low first and can always upgrade later. (more…)

Subscribing to RSS feeds using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Make your web browsing experience less time consuming by subscribing to RSS feeds of your favorite websites. RSS feeds are use for subscribing to website’s blogs, news, forums, and much more. So instead of having to check and see if there is something new on your favorite websites, they can come to you instead. It’s like having newspapers and magazines being delivered to your house all for free. You’ll find RSS very useful, because it can save a lot of time. (more…)

Playing World of Warcraft for the first time. What to Know First?

World of Warcraft is a massive multi player online role playing game (MMORPG) made by Blizzard Entertainment, the same company that also made StarCraft and Diablo. In the game, a player creates a virtual character of his or her own, then join with thousands of other players, explore a very massive 3D world, level up, start quests, and much more.

I started playing World of Warcraft back in 2011 and had stopped playing it in January 2013. I admit it was really addictive, but it was really a fun game to play. It is so fun that World of Warcraft still currently has over 8 million players as of March 2013. I’m not affiliated with Blizzard at all. I made this post just for those who would like to start playing World of Warcraft for the first time. Everything written below was based on my experience with the game so far.

Basic & Pure CSS Drop Down Menu

For those who are new or are just wanting to learn how to create a CSS drop down menu, take a look various type of CSS drop down menus below. They’re all purely made with CSS and HTML codes only. No JavaScript, Flash, or Image were used. The looks and colors can always be change later in the CSS style code. Hover your mouse over over them and try them out.

- Click on the Download Codes to view and download the codes.
- Click on Edit to edit the codes for yourself, which will take you to jsFiddle.

Note: The round ones will not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8 and below version. Internet Explorer 8 is a seriously outdated browser anyway.

Switching back to Adobe Acrobat Reader in Firefox 19.0.2

I use Mozilla Firefox as my computer default web browser and recently update it to the latest version. Firefox 19.0.2 comes with security updates and its own new built-in browser PDF viewer. After updating itself, the built-in PDF viewer set itself to be the default PDF viewer for opening PDF files online. It’s a great new feature for Firefox, but I preferred Adobe Acrobat reader as my default PDF viewer because I’m used to it a lot more. Below is a quick guide for those who wants to switch back to Adobe Acrobat Reader in Firefox 19.0.2+.

doPDF – Print or Convert Almost Any Files into PDF for Free

Developers: Softland
Download Link: Here
License: Free