This post is a look at and a review of the 000webhost’s free web hosting service. If you are someone who has already bought or owned a domain name and are looking for a free web host to start a website with, then feel free check out 000webhost. They offer free and paid web hosting service.


Major features include 1.5 GB of web space, 100 GB of bandwidth, 2 MySQL database, PHP compatibility, FTP Support, a cPanel, Unlimited Domain Hosting (host as many website as you want for every available domain name you’ve owned), no forced ads, and much more.
Registration is very quick. They only ask for a domain name, a name, a valid email address, and a password. That’s it! No home address, or phone number was never asked.
cPanel can be use for managing your website with on 000webhost.

You’ll be given a basic one after you signed up and activated your account.

000webhost’s free hosting package offers 1.5 GB of web space and 100 GB per month of bandwidth. The web space does not sound like it is a lot, but the bandwidth is. Let us assumed your website is about 50 KB big. 100 GB (100,000,000,000 bytes) divided by 50 KB (50,000 bytes) equals 2 million. That means your website can be only view or refresh 2 million times per month because of the 100 GB per month bandwidth limit.

Features on 000webhost free hosting also includes unlimited website, two MySQL Database, an FTP service, and much more.

  • For every available domain name you owned, you can host as many website as you want. Having multiple websites will share your web space and bandwidth though.
  • In order to be able to run many other php websites, such as WordPress, PHPBB, etc. and more, a MySQL database is needed. 000webhost’s free hosting offers only 2 MySQL database. That means you can only have up to two WordPress blog site or any other php websites that requires MySQL.
  • FTP allows you to easily transfer files between your computer and your website by using an FTP program like Filezilla and SmartFTP. Most websites are published with the help of FTP.
  • If your website is active, they will not forced ads onto it. However, if your website is inactive, they will either forced ads onto it or shut it down.

What I think makes 000webhost great for offering free web hosting service is that they don’t ask for your personal information during sign up. The only thing they will ask for is a domain name, a name, a valid email address, and a password. That’s it! No home address or phone number was never asked.

The Cons:
There are other limits when using 000webhost’s free hosting service. It is the CPU limit that you may have to worry about later as your website starts to grow. Like most other shared hosting packages, your website is hosted along side by side with many other people’s website. It’s kind of like having a lot of neighbors in an apartment complex. They won’t see you, and you won’t see them.

If your website starts to get popular because it has too many visitors, it can slow down or stop working. This can effect other people’s website that is hosted along side by side with yours. If this ever starts to happen, your website can be suspended or shut down on 000webhost.

Also, there are more restrictions you have to watch out for. Click here to read their “Terms of Service” to learn what they are before using 000webhost’s free hosing service to start your website.

Whenever using a free web hosting service to host your website, I would not recommend using it for anything that is personal. That means you should not use them for sharing your personal photos, posting about your personal life, or adding anything that is personal about yourself or your families and friends. I would not trust them to keep my personal information safe, or not have to do anything with it.

000webhost is a great site for offering free web hosting service. If you can’t afford even the cheap ones from other web hosting companies, then feel free to check out 000webhost and try out their free hosting service. Not a lot will be asked from you other than a domain name, a name, a valid email address, and a password. 1.5 GB of web space is not a lot, but 100 GB per month of bandwidth is. You can start a WordPress blog site there also. Just be aware that there are limits and restrictions. Again, don’t use it or don’t use too much for anything that is personal. Until then, you can always upgrade later or move out and get a paid hosting service instead.

This post is not meant to support nor endorse 000webhost. I have no affiliation with them, nor they have any affiliation with me at all. This post was voluntarily written on my free will. I could be wrong on something, so I’m sorry if I was.